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Waves are Universal (R, Sam/Jack)

Title: Waves are Universal
Author: openended
Artist: sarah_jones
Fanmixer: momebie
Genre: Alternate reality, alternate timeline, romance, action
Rating: R
Word Count: 36,739
Characters: Sam and Jack, circa early S7; a cameo by alternate!Teal'c and alternate!Thor; a handful of OCs
Pairings: Sam/Jack

Summary: Alternate realities are old news for SG-1. So is time travel. But when half of the team steps onto an Earth that's not only not theirs, but thirty years in the future, old news suddenly means not fully informed. With that Earth all but destroyed by an enemy more devastating than they've ever imagined, hope lies within a young scientist who simply wants to forget. They say there's no place like home. But between battling aliens, memories, tomatoes, math that just won't make sense, and the occasional zombie...will they ever get there? Or will they find a way to make this scorched Earth their home?

Extended Notes: Written for stargate_summer. Many, many thanks to nursebadass who didn't even play in the SG-1 sandbox when I begged her to beta this. She's been wonderfully tolerant of my commas and craziness and was instrumental in telling me that I'm not insane, that this is good, and that under no circumstances am I to cut the scene with the cookies. Her copy of Word bit the dust before she had a chance to look over the final draft so any mistakes are fully and completely mine. Also, a thanks to mesmerising who probably thinks I'm nuts in thanking her but it was awesome to run through this madness with someone else who'd signed up to write.

Enhanced Content
Artwork by sarah_jones
Fanmix by momebie


Part One: The Future Freaks Me Out: chapter one / chapter two

Part Two: If the Stars Were Mine: chapter three / chapter four / chapter five

Part Three: New World in My View: chapter six / chapter seven


Tags: admin:index, fandom:stargate sg-1, genre:apocafic, genre:plotty, genre:romance, pairing:sg-1:sam/jack, series:stargate sg-1:waves are universal
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