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Fanmix for mesmerising's With Love Languishing written for stargate_summer. Supplemental artwork by calcitrix here

Download (~79mb)

1. Amel Larrieux :: Sweet Misery
now baby you and me never ever could have been, so i got misery because i'll love you till the end

2. Laura Veirs :: Where Are You Driving?
you do as you damn well please; you were torn and faded by the elements staring straight through me

3. Graham Colton :: Love Comes Back Around
sometimes your feet can leave the ground but always it's love that holds you down

4. Nightwish :: The Islander
now his love's a memory a ghost in the fog; he sets the sails one last time saying farewell to the world

5. Florence + The Machine :: Hurricane Drunk
i brace myself, 'cause i know it's going to hurt, but i like to think at least things can't get any worse

6. Roisin Murphy :: Ramalama (Bang Bang)
hearing only one true note i'm the one and only sound unzip my body, take my heart out

7. Blonde Redhead :: Misery is a Butterfly
remember when we found misery, we watched her, watched her spread her wings and slowly fly around our room

8. Bat for Lashes :: Trophy
heaven is a feeling i get in your arms

9. The Mountain Goats :: International Small Arms Traffic Blues
our love is like the border between greece and albania, trucks loaded down with weapons, crossing over every night

10. Lyle Lovett :: I Will Rise Up/Ain't No More Cane
and the thunder rolls and the cold rain blows, the future it holds, what god only knows

11. Washington :: Clementine
i walked a hundred miles so i could hear them play your song on the radio

12. John Mayer :: Clarity
and i will wait to find if this will last forever

13. Yo Yo Ma :: Bach Cello Suite No. 5 - Sarabande
Tags: fandom:stargate sg-1, media:fanmix, pairing:sg-1:sam/jack
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